nationality | german/romanian
works and lives | Bedburg/Germany | Bucharest/Romania |

Artist Statement

The basis of my works communicates the message of light that penetrates the darkness, a powerful concepts that carry a philosophical and spiritual pandora box about our existence.

| " Light penetrated darkness" |

I understand light as love, joy, peace, the essential attributes necessary for human existence.... her belonging.. Where does it come from, how do we find it, do we need it? Is it the basis of everything

I was concerned about the simple relationship between light and dark and also the most complex concept that carries philosophical, spiritual questions about our human existence. I study the idea, the adventure that I don't know where it leads. I'm interested in the forms that have life, that don't are static. I use fluorescent pigments to install another dimension, 3D, penetrating the space of darkness, the paintings transform under the black light become a new creation, like a moving pictorial sculpture, the interior or so said the soul of the painting. Two totally different perspectives, like two parallel existing.