place of birth: Kosice, Slovakia
year of birth: 1996
nationality: slovak
works and lives : Slovakia, after finished her studies in Scotland

Artist Statement

In my creative practice, I use an experimental and intuitive approach while making. Textures, colours and materials that are in my paintings are often subconsciously transferred from landscapes that surround me.

I think of my work as pieces or clues that offer themselves to be examined and questioned by the viewer. My expanded paintings and installations form a space where the virtual meets with the physical and the spontaneous with the planned. I explore the contrast or tension that is created when we try to understand the complexity of our visual worlds; both physical and digital. I am fascinated with the way we approach visual imagery and assess the authenticity of reality, often through the lens of social media. There is a parallel between creating a painting and uploading an image into the digital reality of social media.

What happens if these blend together?

Rachel Jutka